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In SOFU | Glass partitions design and manufacture convertible glass walls and glass partitions for interiors that meet the conditions set by today’s constantly changing work environment. Elegance, functionality and variability are key words for us.

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Aluminium or "metal of the third millennium" is relatively young, but in short timebecomes the second most used metal in the world. It has unique characteristics - light weight, easy machinability and corrosion resistance. It becomes substitutionmetal and over the last 30 years caused an aluminum revolution. Finds application in almost all industries - automotive and aerospace industries, construction and electrical industry.


Glass was produced already 5000 years ago. To industrial production has penetrated in 20th century. FLOAT glass is transparent, deterioration-resistant, inert and biologically inactive. ESG is thermally treated basic glass FLOAT, which gives a new layout of inner tension. This affect a substantial change in the properties of glass, glass obtained impact resistance, increase its strength and heat resistance.


It is one of the oldest and best available building materials. Wood is a universal construction material in civil engineering or machinery completed using metal parts such as fasteners. Has a number of invaluable features such as easy processability, available disposal and recycling, good thermo-technical characteristics, the ability to withstand pressure and strength, good looks, statically reliable.


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Our goal is to design an optimal solution for dialogue with our customers. Therefore, the high quality of all services and products has a firm place in our corporate philosophy.

Our glass walls and glass partitions effortlessly combine aesthetic, variable and physical properties. We use knowledge and experience to implement projects in office environments, hospitals, schools, hotels, airports, cinemas, or business centers.

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