Glass was produced already 5000 years ago. To industrial production has penetrated in 20th century. FLOAT glass is transparent, deterioration-resistant, inert and biologically inactive. ESG is thermally treated basic glass FLOAT, which gives a new layout of inner tension. This affect a substantial change in the properties of glass, glass obtained impact resistance, increase its strength and heat resistance.

We care about the environment and we choose only recyclable materials.

Glass is chemically stable, glass waste venturing into the glass factories, crushed and added to the base mixture to make new glass.
• If we use glass that is no longer needed, we do not mmine primary raw materials that are necessary for its production, such as sand, soda etc..
• Melting shards is easier than smelting. For every 10% of shards added reduces energy consumption by 2-4%.
• Lower temperatures and lower gas consumption also reduce CO2 emissions, thereby protecting not only the nature but also our health.

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