Partition with vertical module is able to deal with extreme simplicity and purity to each request. The system’s versatility makes the division and organization of space very flexible, installation is quick, dust-free and changing area are required only the cost of the work. A simple change of disposition is one of the fundamental characteristics.

The system is available in a variety of glass surfaces with a standard glass thickness of 10 mm and 12 mm and with varying degrees of transparency between spaces.

We use special electrically operated foil of the liquid crystal (PDLC), which turns the transparent partition to opaque by one click. This partition is a combination of functionality and design. As appropriate you decide whether you need an opaque rung used as a design screen or need to have a transparent view and choose transparent alternative.

The airborne sound insulation of glazed partitions Ris from 33 dB up to 38 dB.

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