Mobile sliding walls are divided into several panels, which makes it very easy, quiet and fast moving panels of any dimensions in space. At the same time meet demanding acoustic and design requirements. Installation is simple and dust-free. Heights may be 2-6 meters. The structure is stable, panels are hung on the rail integrated into the ceiling construction. The frame of panels is steel, combined with aluminum. Door modules can be single or double wing and control panels can be mechanically and electronically by sliding out the seals.

Selection of surfaces for mobile wall is wide, from different types of laminates and natural veneers, to imitate stone or corrugated iron.

When parking the mobile partitions we have a choice of several standard parking spaces as well as a-type parking.

The airborne sound insulation of the mobile partition can be from 41 dB to 49 dB. The panels can be full or partially glazed.

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